How to Make Fake Social Security Card [SSC Generator]

Is your social security card lost, stolen or expired? There is nothing to worry about, here you can see tutorial and learn how to make Fake Social Security Card New within no time. You’ll get Front side of SSC and back side with Standard Size of SSN and accurate ready to print JPEG files.

What formats you can get from here?

  • SSC JPG Format
  • SSC PNG Format
  • SSC PDF Format
  • SSC PSD Format
  • SSC EPS Format
  • SSC GIF Format

So, how the procedure works? Follow this step by step tutorial and make your own fake SSC with your own details or information within no time.

Step 1: First of all, you need to get Social Security Card Template from here. You can get this paid SSC template for $30 (Bitcoin / PayPal). Download and extract the folder. Right Click on fonts and click on install fonts. That’s it!

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Step 2: Download and install Adobe Photoshop software from here for FREE. You’ll see couple of links at the bottom of the page. Click one of them and download software.

Download Adobe Photoshop

Step 3: Open SSC editable PSD file in Adobe Photoshop. Select Text tool in the software and change SS Number, Name and Issue dates. You’ll see back side PSD file, open this file as well and change 9 digit codes.

Step 4: Go to File Menu and Select Save As option in Adobe Photoshop. Save your file in JPEG format.

Step 5: Print your social security card on Bank note paper and you’re done!

How to Make Fake Social Security Card

If you don’t know how to edit Social Security Card (SSN) PSD Template? Don’t worry, our professional designers can create a copy of SSN with your own information within no time. ORDER CUSTOM SSN and fill the form.

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Social Security Card SSN is issued by United States to it’s citizen used for multiple purposes. If you don’t have SSN, you can download editable template form here. We can also generate one with your information within few minutes. We provide high quality (SSN) Social security card replacement service.

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